Advanced Visualization Settings

Most of the time you will need more than the city in the popup information. Probably name and full address of the account.

The way to do it is to create a field containing all information in manipulate tab. The easiest way for non-developers will be to use store and formula fields. Go to manipulate tab.

  1. Add a fixed field (push Add fixed button) and name it as you like. Full name + address in our example.

  2. Give variable names to fields you want to see in Full name + address field. Set the names in Store column.

  3. Concat variables in formula of Full name + address field: {name}.": ".{street}.", ".{city}.", ".{state}.", ".{country}

Save report.

Click on a pin, now you see account name and account address in popup.

For advanced users who are wondering if the use of html tags is possible, the answer is yes. Try "<strong>".{name}."</strong>: <br>".{street}.", <font color='#f00'>".{city}."</font>, ".{state}.", ".{country} in the formula. Result will be:

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