Write almost any SQL command to format oder manipulate data on database level

Example: Date field as YEAR-MONTH

DATE_FORMAT({t}.{f}, '%Y-%m')

@ToBe elaborated

Advanced example

Sort on a dom which contains values that do not correspond to wanted sorting

Use case: Sales stages in Opportunities will sort on ...

Use customFunction to modify the result and be able to sort a wished

case {t}.{f} when "Prospecting" then 1
when "Qualification" then 2
when "Needs Analysis" then 3
when "Value Proposition" then 4
when "Id. Decision Makers" then 5
when "Perception Analysis" then 6
when "Proposal/Price Quote" then 8
when "Negotiation/Review" then 9
when "Closed Won" then 10


Example full amount Opportunities and amount for a specified sales stage

drag amount twice ; select function on first; customFunction on 2nd IF({t}.sales_stage='Customer', {t}.{f}, 0)

Example Calculate remaining days between now and opportunity closing date

drag date field (date_closed in our example)

Write SQL statement in Column Custom Function: DATEDIFF( {t}.{f}, now() ){t} stands for the table where to find the field you dragged. {f} stands for the field you dragged.

Use {tc} for table if your module was created over studio (table name will end with _cstm)

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