Query different types of data objects and gather them into results

Simple example: report on activities => calls, meetings and tasks

Select the main module, drag the fields to manipulate & select tabs

Advanced example: mix data information

Display the sum of amounts for opportunities and the count of proposals per month.

You have to add the SQL function on main module. Use fixed value to simulate a zero as result for the fields you don't wnat to sum/count.Bug in KReporter versions under 4.2: if you dragged a currency field to manipulate for any module, you have to drag a currency field in all other unioned modules as well. Currency fields generate an addditinal field in select query. A unioned module wihtout currency field will tehrefore habe 1 field less than the others. This will trigger a query error on database.

Add common select field for union modules

Following example illustrate the use of assigned user name as a an editbale search criteria.

Step 1: drag field in main module and set a reference name.

Apply reference name in union modules: drag field, select operator "reference", enter your reference name in "equals/from"

Now when you call the report, the value enter for search criteria User name will be applied in union query.

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