Define the data volume by setting search criteria. Navigate through the module tree panel and drag&drop the fields you need to narrow selection.
Select proper operator and value, make field editable in view mode. You may define editable search criteria and allow each user to set them to fit their needs.

For more complex queries use groups.

A group represents the brackets in the where clause of the query. "Type" represents the operator to be used within the brackets.
Example: List of Opportunities having sales_stage "Qualification" and (amount > 25.000 OR type = "new business").

Query would look like:
SELECT * FROM opportunities WHERE sales__stage='Qualification' AND (amount > 25.000 OR opportunity_type LIKE "new business")

Now let's build the WHERE clause in KReporter SELECT

Default group "root" is always in a report. Drag field "sales_stage" and set configuration.

Click + symbole on root and add a group. Enter a name. Confirm with ok.

Now select OR in group type for "amount or type". Select "amount or type" and drag fields amount and opportunity_type as usual.

Results look like

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