Presentation Drilldown

Drill details from each result of an existing report. The drill down capability allows to connect two reports with each other.

We have a list of accounts and want to drilldown an opportunity list for each account

Report 1: Accounts list

Create a simple standardview report listing your accounts

Drag field ID of account to manipulate tab. Set display to "no" in presentation tab if you do not wish to see the field in report diplay.

Report 2: Opportunities list

Create a simple standardview opportunities report listing opportunities

In SELECT Tab, add a the field for account ID, set operator to ignore and editable to yes

Name ID to account ID so that you recognize the account id from opportunity in next steps.

Connect both reports

Edit Report 1 (Accounts list)

Go to Integration Tab, turn on the light for Presentation drilldown, click add.

A window pops up

look for report 2 (opportunities report). In our case the report is called "opps DD". User filter inpout field and filter button to search. Select the report from the list, confirm with a click on "Add".

Set the label (display name) that will appear in right click.


Link: will open the drilldown report in a new window

Popup: will open the drilldown report in a popup

Map the fields

Select the dropdown definition and click on mapping

Window content:

where name contains fields that we defined in SELECT in report 2 (Opportunities list)

Operator we set for the connection between reports

mappedid is the field in report 1 (accounts list)

Click SAVE.


Multiple fields are possible. Think of defining them in report 2 (opportunitites list) SELECT tab and manipulate for report 1 (Accounts list)

Map fields with operator ignore, if no maping is necessary.

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