schedule report features

  • Send reports to users and distribution lists
  • Trigger target lists export and snapshots
  • Store reports in common formats like PDF or Excel

How to use

  1. Activate "schedule report"
  2. Add job entry by clicking "add" button
  3. Define when the report shall be run:

Use classic cron expressions to define day, time and recurrence

  1. Select actionExample above will send the report as excel file every Monday at 9 am to an e-mail address.

    1. Set additional parameters if necessary:
  2. send to: comma or semicolon separated e-mail list

  3. send to list: select a list of users that was defined und DLists Manager

  4. save to: path to server + filename

  5. save to action: add or replace file on save

Setup CronJob in Administration > Scheduler

  1. Go To Administration > Scheduler
  2. Create New Scheduler
  3. Give it a name
  4. Select "Process scheduled KReports" in Job
  5. Set Interval
  6. save

Make sure cron is running....

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