KReporter 4.0 provides the easiest to use and most powerful reporting engine currently available for SugarCRM and SugarCRM based systems (SuiteCRM, SpiceCRM).

  • an intuitive and easy to use interface allowing you to navigate the data in your systems and with drag and drop create complex reports analyzing your complete SugarCRM data
  • a powerful charting engine with multiple options to build the charts in the format as you like them
  • multiple presentation formats from simple basic lists to grouped views, tree views or pivot Charts
  • multiple integration options including export to Excel, PDF, publishing as dashlets or drilldown capabilities

Current version is KReporter 4.3.
Flavour & plugins:

Free Pro
Presentation StandardView yes yes
StandardView with Preview yes
StandarView with Summary yes
Grouped View yes
Pivot Table yes
Tree View yes
Visualization libraries GoogleCharts yes yes
HighCharts yes
Amcharts yes
GoogleMaps yes
GoogleGeo yes
Visualization dimensions 1 yes yes
2 yes
Integration Export to CSV yes yes
Export to TargetLists yes yes
Export to Excel yes
Export to PDF yes
Snapshots yes
Publish Report yes
Schedule Report yes
Query Analyzer yes
Presentation Drilldown yes
Save Filter Criteria yes
Bucket Manager yes
Distribution Lists Manager yes
Cockpit View yes


KReporter 4.2 uses KREST Core 2.5.3
KReporter 4.3 uses KREST Core 2.5.4

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