Periphery Search

This feature is deprecated and will be removed in KReporter version 4.2

Until then you may use the periphery search options to check if any accounts are located within a given periphery.

Check Display periphery search box to display periphery search button in DetailView.

Select the module from which periphery search shall retrieve data. Select the database table fields containing name and address information (pipe separated list). Caution: the fields name have to be the right ones else it won't work. The fields list is built as follows:

  1. ID field
  2. Field from which a short name is retrieved
  3. fields to build the address (comma separated list)

The configuration is not user friendly and difficult to understand. This is the reason why this feature will be removed from KReporter.

This configuration has following impact on DetailView: A periphery search button appears on the top right of the map.

Click on the button to open periphery search window:

  1. Select the Account from where you want to search.
  2. Enter in distance in kilometers.
  3. Push button Periphery Search.

A red disc will be displayed on the map and a list of accounts located within the periphery is displayed in the window.

You may repeat search multiple times.

Push Delete Circle(s) to erase all circles on the map.

Known bugs:

  • Check Route planner display to have proper behaviour of search from select field
  • Feature is not compatible with Sugar 7.x

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