Route Planner

This feature is experimental. It is meant to plan a route from an account to other ones.

  1. Waypoint name is the field containing account name.
  2. Waypoint address is the field displayed in results.
  3. Waypoint geocode by is the way locations are found. Lat/lng means by Geo coordinates.

This configuration has following impact on DetailView: A Plan Route button appears on the top right of the map.

Click on Plan Route button to open Route Planner Window.

  1. Enter the city from where you start your journey.

  2. Select waypoints: Accounts to which you want to go to

  3. Enter the city where your journey ends.

Push button Plan Route

Travel Itinerary is drawn on the map. The distance between waypoints in displayed in the window.

Push Delete route to delete itinerary and start a new one.

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