Config file: 000.conf

File config/sites/000.conf created during UI Installation process contains following information:

{"id":"000","display":"My UI CRM","backendUrl":"https:\/\/\/backend\/KREST","proxy":true,"developerMode":true,"autoLogout":0}

Property Comment Type Example value
id Give your config an ID. You may use multiple config files pointing to different KREST paths. string 000
display title for page string my UI
backendUrl Url path to KREST API string https:\/\/\/backend\/KREST
proxy use proxy boolean true \ false
developerMode Skip login mask on refesh boolean true \ false
autoLogout experimental and not working for now. Set false. boolean false

Customize display for customer

general.cnf (optional for login display)


Property Comment Type Example value
loginSidebarUrl Url to call for display on screen string
loginProgressBar Display type on loading API. ProgressBar or Checklist boolean true \ false

Customize login images (optional for login diplay)


  • favicon.png
  • loginimage.png (image for login screen)
  • headerimage (image on top left after login)

If no images are located under this path default path will be used: assets/images.

Please, note that file names cannot be modified.

Customize Styles (optional)


Please, note that file name cannot be modified.

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